Emerald Green Curtains DO exist! Dining Room Update

emerald green curtains dining room christmas

Someone get me a straight jacket.

I GOT THE FANCY CRAP. (a.k.a. the carved curtain rod brackets)

wood tms menagerie victorian dining room curtain rod brackets

You guys are such a bad influence.

Or good.

Hard to know because we seem to all be in this padded room.

Gotta say, I have some of THE MOST AWESOME readers! I posed the question about whether to go out of my budget comfort-zone and splurge on fancy wood curtain rod brackets for our dining room, and y’all weighed in. I love that you guys have opinions and WANT TO SHARE THEM!

It makes my day/week/month/year!

Also, I must admit I’m working on placating my buyer’s remorse after dropping $100 on curtain rod brackets. BRACKETS!

I’m telling myself that people spend $100 or more on things I see as crazy all the time. Like a cel phone that lasts only 2 years. Like mine.

My bad.

Guess I should get something less breakable for my alarm clock… #notamorningperson

I plan for these pretty brackets to be a staple in our Victorian dining room for at least the next 20+ years.

curtain rod brackets being installed

installing the brackets on plaster walls
baby girl watching her “dada”

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But you don’t care about that.

You want shots of these fancy brackets in action!


curtain bracket with carved leaves

green emerald curtains with carved curtain rod brackets

This final lovely effect is only after several trips to the hardware store to find the right kind of mounting screws for our lath and plaster walls. Our plaster is just over an inch thick, and it was tricky finding something that was long enough, wouldn’t crack the plaster, and sturdy.

We used these metal¬†toggle bolts. If I just saved you from having the same frustration for mounting things to your plaster walls, you’re most welcome.

toggle bolts for our lath and plaster walls

Guess what else though?


Though I would assume you already knew that as I kind of gave it away in the title…

emerald green curtains dining room

But you guys…I’ve been looking for these exact curtains since this past SUMMER. It’s really frustrating how no one seems to carry emerald green velvet curtains! I have no idea why – it’s a beautiful color! All I kept finding were whites and grays and blues and burgandy…sometimes a pale green…but no deep, luscious dark greens.

Heck, even trying to find velvet curtains that were longer than the standard 84″ slimmed down a lot of my choices.

I came very close to success back in September when I found the exact material for a great sale price at a Joann store one day, but of course they had only 2 yards…and had no more in their other stores because it had been discontinued. Argh.

velvet green out of stock
all the sad… :(

I found a few other similar fabric variations online, but the price per yard wasn’t great when I could find ready-made curtains in other colors like these navy blue velvet ones for the same price. I was really contemplating giving in and going with navy blue, my Plan B, because I was having no luck.

Then one night as I was aimlessly looking on websites such as Wayfair and Amazon…again…for my elusive green curtains, the clouds broke apart and revealed these absolutely gorgeous, dark emerald green velvet curtains!

emerald green velvet curtains
Click here to check them out (affiliate link)

And they came in 95″ lengths!


emerald green curtains dining room christmas emerald green curtains dining room christmas emerald green curtains dining room christmas

They are every bit as wonderful as I hoped they would be (and the color looks like it does in the stock photo – my photos make them look a little dark – sorry!). They’re well made, soft and velvety, have a good weight and draping to them, and are the PERFECT color green.

If you get them, you will not be sorry. You’ll only be sorry that you did not have them until now.

The curtains and the carved brackets compliment and complete this room and make me SO HAPPY with this room! It has come such a long way from only this past summer when we began repairing the plaster!

On another topic, some of you may have noticed that I have raw wood, not stained, curtain rods.

You would be correct.

Although using wood dowels is very feasible and a great price as compared to other 120″ length curtain rods, I honestly just didn’t want another project. By the time I would have sanded, stained, and found and attached wood finials (which by the way, finials are also not cheap, and I’ve met my personal cap for money on fancy things in the dining room for the time being), it would have been sometime next summer before we would have curtains hung.

Naturally, I opted for now versus…”…who knows when”. Ya feel me?

These curtain rods look pretty darn good the way they are, fit the room, and at less than $20 each, satisfy my Scrooge-like tightwad senses.


…That was a long post all just to say we now have pretty brackets and curtains hung in our dining room.

But it’s not like we have much else to talk about here in this padded room, amiright?


Many blessings to y’all in the New Year!

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  1. Lovely, just lovely, I am so happy for you, and just in time for Christmas. You are right though, that was the first thing that I noticed, the rods that is. OK you are forgiven, I understand the wanting to get them up now and not wanting another project thing. So correct me if I am wrong, you DO plan to eventually sand and stain them and add finales….?

    1. Thanks, Rose! I had to chuckle because I knew at least one person would spot the rods, hence the explanation haha. Yes, I do still plan on staining them and adding finials, but it will have to wait until Spring when I can do it outdoors/have ventilation. ;)

  2. We love, love, love velvet curtains, but not so much the price. Thanks for sharing, at this price point, you can have a whole home of velvet!! We saved and had our living room curtains made which was very costly, but well worth it. Velvet is great for older homes, keeps the cold out and the heat in.

    1. I’m right there with you with the love for velvet curtains for the exact reasons you gave, Cara!! Not to mention they just look amazing and more “high end” in my book. I’ve definitely saved that curtain seller as I have no doubt I’ll be buying from them again with other colors for our home!

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