An Antique Oak Ice Box Converted to a Fridge?!

Converted Ice Box Antique Oak

In my ever ongoing quest to find a better fridge than our current behemoth, I’ve been scouring the internet for slim fridges. Somewhere in that search I started getting silly curious and ended up on the far side of the interwebs looking into how an antique ice box works…in the off-chance that we could just “upgrade” to using an antique ice box instead and skip all the UGLY that are American fridges.

Then after learning and deciding that I did NOT want to have to locate a dealer who still sells ice blocks and lug them into the car and house on a weekly basis…

…I stumbled across this amazing place that CONVERTS OLD ICE BOXES INTO FRIDGES.

Converted Ice Box Antique Oak
via Antique Vintage Appliances

What the WHAT?!

I can have my cake and eat it too?!

I never even considered that this could be done.

Antique Oak converted ice box
via Antique Vintage Appliances

…and now I can think of little else for our kitchen.

This is the 20-second planning that ensued in my mind when I saw what the possibilities were:

We find an ice box.

Restore it if necessary.

Find and hire an awesome fridge mechanic. Use the motor from our current fridge or one from Craigslist or something…

Make our own ice box fridge!


It sounds¬†relatively simple. They lay the whole process out on that site. But somehow I know it’d probably be anything but. Especially as I know I’ll only get a shake of the head and a sigh from Karl when I try to convince him of the brilliance of this plan.

However…if he can give no hardcore reason why NOT to go for the crazy…perhaps even be fully on-board to look into some more (it’s been known to happen, being the wonderful hubby he is)…

…we might try it.

Oh. And did I mention they also convert antique stoves to modern day standards?


Well they do!

Antique Stove
via Antique Vintage Appliances
Antique Stoves
via Antique Vintage Appliances

This is where we all shout “take my money!”.

If they were located closer, I’d be their numero uno customer. If I could afford them. Which I’m not sure of as I can’t find any prices on their site.

Ignorance is bliss?

Stay tuned!

Any of you have suggestions for ways of converting an ice box? Any of you attempt the crazy? ;)

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  1. YOU are a genius! Who knew this could be done?. I cannot imagine anything better than having that beautiful oak icebox in my kitchen! (Of course, there is the small matter of acquiring an antique commercial icebox and somehow getting it insulated and converted to electricity; there’s also the second mortgage I’d need to pay for all this). It might just be worth it, though.

  2. Yeah, I am just looking at this thinking, that is so cool, so genius and then the practical side of me thinks, are those glass panels really insulated and what would it cost to run it full time….hm-m-m

  3. Now I read the fine print, refrigerators from $2000 – $60,000, oh yeah I know where this would be headed, the only one I would absolutely HAVE to have is the $60,000 one…sell the house honey!! but the good news is that they ship world wide.

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