6 House Project Goals this Winter

winter house project goals

We’ve officially decided to wait until Spring to finish sprucing-up our porch so that we can do everything necessary in one big push. Didn’t see that one coming, didja? (note: sarcasm). With that, we’re thinking ahead to the indoor projects we’d like to turn our attention to during this coming winter.

We’re trying to keep this list small as we have a baby girl in the mix now and we don’t want to do any projects that would result in major dust or fumes. Some of it also depends on whether or not we find certain items to our liking and budget, such as the pedestal sink. Thus let me present our “trying to be realistic and not idealistic” list of 6 house projects we’d like to accomplish doing this winter!Here goes!

1. Replace Bay Window & Vestibule Light Fixtures

Both of these are the ugliest lights we have in the house, and we’ve been wanting them out since Day 1 but haven’t gotten around to looking more seriously into finding replacements.

Vestibule track lighting. Ick.
Bay window. More ick.


We have ideas of what we’d like; here’s something from Lamps Plus that is out of our price range, but the look we’re going for in the vestibule:

And something simple and minimal for the bay window like this from Restoration Hardware:

RH pendant light 

An easy fix, but it’ll take time to find both the aesthetic and something in our budget for each fixture.

2. Remove corner sink in half bath and install pedestal sink

The current corner sink has a copper basin and a spout on the faucet that are both hard to clean. In fact the counter is impossible to clean too – it’s some weird raised texture that makes you feel like you’re cleaning bumpy rocks.


We’d like to get a more period appropriate (rather than this weird attempt at Farmhouse style) sink in the room.

3. Install stained crown moulding in living room

Right now we still have several layers of paint showing at the top of the room where we didn’t finish it out because we’d be installing the crown moulding pronto…and now it’s 6 months later…Time to get this done!

4. Mount wall sconces in master bedroom

In the four months since we finished most of the renovation of our master bedroom and moved into it, we have yet to install our wall sconces on either side of the bed. We found we’d have to do one extra step before being able to install it, and since baby girl’s birth we just haven’t gotten around to it. Slow progress for sure, thus why it’s up on the list!

P.S. – Yes, this means we’ve had wires sticking out (with proper wire nuts, no worries!) on either side of our bed for four months now, lol.

5. Install master closet’s interior door frame

pic from this past summer; the unfinished door frame

At the moment we have the wood all stained and waiting; it’s a simple matter of cutting and installing it.

6. Plan master closet’s layout

Presently in our closet we have closet rods and our dressers. We’ll be using Karl’s prowess at 3D to map out a functional closet system for our needs. Having had four months of using the space as-is, we’re accumulating ideas on ways to improve the space.

There you have it folks! Our timeline is to aim to have these all done by the end of March. As alays, we’ll be keeping y’all involved as we try to tackle each one and show the before/afters!

Update: come see what we accomplished (and what we did not) out of our winter goals house project list!

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