THE To-Do List

Welcome to our Victorian American Foursquare, otherwise know as our live-in fixer upper and with it, a GIANT “to-do” list. We’re using this to keep everyone on the same page for what our goals are as we restore our home; this to-do list is as much to our benefit as it is to yours as we tackle each area of our home’s restoration.

This list will be updated as progress is made and some will have a post next to them as we do a project, so check back here to see if you missed anything!

To see a tour of our home when we first bought it, jump over here.

For our major floor-sanding sagas of the main floor, head over to Part I and Part II, and the finished floors.



– sand and stain floor
– paint walls
find/install light fixture [see our Restoration Hardware knockoff light]


– strip paint from inside entry door
remove radiator cover
– paint radiator
sand and stain floor [Part I, Part 2, Finished Floors]
– strip paint on stair sides
– strip and sand stair treads
– sand railings
– stain stair treads, sides, railings, and banister on stairs
paint walls
install new ceiling light fixture [$35 Antique Amber Glass Pendant Light]

Dining Room:

demo built-in shelving and radiator covers [Built-Ins Go Bye-Bye]
strip wallpaper (all 4 layers!) [How To Strip Wallpaper with Vinegar]
remove wallpaper glue from plaster [Glue-Free!]
repair plaster [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
prime the raw plaster [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
– paint walls [Dining room Renovation: Week 2]
sand and stain floor
remove wires from floor and baseboard
wood-fill all holes made from wires, bolts and pipe in floor
– strip paint from baseboards and window trim
– patch baseboards
– re-stain baseboards
– install crown molding and picture railing
make hole in ceiling for chandelier [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
run wires for chandelier [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
– install historical push-button light switches
install ceiling medallion [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
find ceiling chandelier
install ceiling chandelier [Dining room Renovation: Week 1]
– strip or sand bad paint from radiator
– spay paint radiator
– install interior privacy wood shutters on windows
– refinish original doors and reinstall

Living Room:

sand and stain floor
paint walls [easier said than done. First it was Purple. Then Blue. Finished room Here]
install new light in bay window [see our Restoration Hardware knockoff light]
– remove tile from bay window
install curtains and blinds
– install crown molding and picture railing


(first phase)
– stain and seal wood counters (or replace)
– paint walls
– install more outlets
– strip beadboard and stain or paint
– paint/whitewash faux bricks on chimney
– strip cabinets & re-paint or stain
– replace cabinet hardware
– build-out/replace cabinets over fridge so they’re flush
– find/install new ceiling light fixture
– remove track lights and install pots
– replace dishwasher
– install heat detector

(2nd phase – addition?)

– add kitchen island
– new or restored cabinets
– new counters
– new floor

Butler’s Pantry:

– add weight back to window pulley
– un-stick window from being painted shut
– storm window or Indow
– paint walls


install electronic lock
– strip paint from cabinets OR replace
– develop better organization system
– install new ceiling light fixture

Half Bath:

– find/install ceiling light fixture
– install pedestal sink
– install (1/2 wall? 3/4 wall?) board & batten
– install new light fixtures: ceiling and mirror lights
find new/old mirror
– install mirror



sand floor [Restoring Destroyed Wood Floors]
stain floor
– paint walls and ceiling
– install new ceiling light fixture

Wallpaper Room:

– strip wallpaper & glue
– paint walls
– find/install new ceiling light
– restore window pulley/weight system
install wiring for internet

Blue Room:

– sand and stain floor
– paint walls
– un-stick the painted-shut transom window and make functional again
– strip paint from door and re-stain

Red Room/Master Bedroom: [see plans here for Master Bedroom]

knock new doorway between bedrooms [Wall Demo Party]
demo built-in closet [Closet Demo I & Demo II]
run new electric [Electrical and Wall Sconces]
install, mud, & sand drywall [Drywall Installation with How-to Mix Joint Compound *Video]
– install new closet door
paint walls [Master Bedroom in Chantilly White]
tear out carpet & padding
install closet door thresh-hold [Threshold Installation with Custom Ramp]
install door trim
sand wood floors [Restoring Destroyed Wood Floors]
stain floors
re-install baseboards
install bedside sconces [see sconce lights, & DIY sconce switch]

Spare Oom/Master Closet:

sand and stain floor [Sanded Floor, Stained Floor]
paint walls [Master Closet in Chantilly White]
– closet organizing system


interior blinds/shutters for window
– install bigger sink cabinet
– organize towel closet
– better-fitting shower curtain
– decorate walls/art


– restore the remaining original attic window
– fix bay window (roof supports)
– take down chimney to floor
– come up w/ floorplan
– stud-out rooms
– run plumbing
– run electric
– insulate
– drywall
– find matching planks for floor (some areas have been patched w/ plywood)
– sand & stain floor
– paint walls & ceiling


– restore shutters
– power wash walkways
– re-pave driveway
– clean & fix gutters
– add flashing on roof over mudroom
– fix mortar around basement windows
– seal bay window properly (or replace)

Front Porch:

– fix sagging post support
– scrape old paint off railings, re-paint
– paint floor
– run electric for door lanterns on either side of the door
– run electric for outlet by door
– restore door’s exterior
install hooks for hanging plants
– redo porch stairs and walkway
– add new lattice around porch skirt
– new porch lights

Back Porch:

– find/install new light
– replace rotting wood screen door
– install hook for wind chimes and hanging plants


– add side door
– power wash garage door
– clean & organize inside


– cut front tree’s large limbs
– re-grade flower beds around house
give away plants by garage and plant grass
– redo walkway to back porch
install walkway lights
– install walkway to front porch from drive?