New Project: Our Sinking Front Porch

Going by the title of this post reading “front porch” and not “master bedroom”, you may be asking why we’re starting another project when you have yet to see the finished master bedroom and closet.

You would be right to ask.

We did finish the principal parts of the bedroom and managed to move ourselves into it a mere 3 weeks before baby girl arrived, however since then life has been hectic and right now if I were to take pix, it would only look like a room a tornado hit.

Soooo…it’ll be a bit yet before a “final reveal”. Though it still won’t really be final, as we’ve yet to secure furniture such as side tables, a headboard, etc…but you get the idea.

Now that it’s already nearing the end of October and winter is just around the corner, we have turned our attention to our front porch. The footings in the middle and corner have both been in disrepair even before we bought the home, and it’s sunk a lot more in the past year we’ve lived here (snowmageddon didn’t help with that either). It’s high time we fixed it!


…and as we discovered this past week when we opened it up to analyze the damage a bit closer, it’s none too soon!

We took off the aluminum siding and chicken wire framing and found rotted wood.


sagging front porch
rotting front porch
sinking front porch


Worse still, the corner pier is literally crumbling.


One of the main supporting beams is even resting on a part of the footing that’s about to fall!


We need to jack the porch, add new footings, replace rotted beams, and fix the floorboards.


To work we go…

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