Our Story

Hello! My name is Kelly and I’m rather siked you found us! This blog is about myself, my hubby, Karl, and our baby girl as we work to restore our circa 1900 Victorian American Foursquare. Yup, we’re living in a fixer upper. ;) We’re a young early-30’s couple but not very hip. Karl tells corny jokes and I mess up the punch lines. We love being creative, finding lost “treasures”, and keeping each other on our toes.

our story

Karl and I met in Highschool but weren’t “highschool sweethearts”; we were just friends all through. Funny thing is I had a crush on him in highschool, but then he had one on me after highschool as we kept hanging out with mutual friends.

We got married in 2007. :)

Fast forward a bit to when Karl & I were newlyweds and we lived in our first place, a basement apartment for a whole 5 years. But we used the low rent to help save up for our future home.

Then we moved into our first real (rental) home. We moved with only our mattress, some dressers, and our 2 desks, so we basically started from scratch! Working within our $5k budget and making our house OURS was a task-and-a-half, but we made it work!

We never spent more than half our $5k budget before our forever home appeared after YEARS of looking… (our realtor was amazingly patient, btw)

blue settee living room apartment

At the end of Oct 2015, Karl and I became first-time homeowners of an over one-hundred year old American Foursquare with tons of original features and character; our dream home. We’re history nerds and our house falls squarely into that penchant; keeping the historical features and character of our home is something we strive for as we restore our home.

I love to revitalize & design our beautiful old home on a budget, and this home of ours will certainly test and grow that love and enthusiasm. We have to redo almost every room in our home and have a tight budget, but being DIYers we’re excited to finally have a place to pour our time, effort, and creativity into and make the place “ours”.


On Christmas Day, just mere weeks after moving into our new home, we found out we were pregnant with our first kiddo! We renovated and moved into our master bedroom only 3 weeks before our baby girl arrived at the end of August (yikes!). She was born right in our home, and now she is with us and along for the renovation ride!

sunflower baby

Join us in our passion for old homes, diy and design and follow along with Karl and myself as we lovingly restore our early 1900’s dream home.

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