Update on our 6 Winter House Project Goals: What we did (and didn’t) accomplish


This past Winter we had six house projects we wanted to tackle. One never happened because we didn’t find an antique pedestal sink (boo), and another is still in the planning stages. However, most were successfully completed (go, us!). . Let’s see what we managed from that list:

1. Replace Vestibule & Bay Window Lights

Done and done! Much better looking too.You can read all about how we started off with lights we liked from Restoration Hardware as our inspiration. Not surprisingly, RH is out of our price range, so I set about finding very close replicas for $100’s less. You can read all about it in Beautiful & Affordable “Restoration Hardware” Knockoff Lights.

old house crystal chandelier

2. Install Pedestal Sink

Neeeeever happened. I kept an eye out on Craigslist for such a sink, but everytime I did find one I liked, it was too wide for our small half-bath. Sad, but I’ll still be keeping a lookout!

3. Living Room Crown Moulding

A month after coming out with this list, we decided it’d be more efficient to wait and do the planned crown moulding for both the living and dining rooms at the same time. We’re gearing up to tackle our dining room early Summer (it’ll take a whole other post to go into our plans for the room!), so this at least won’t take us much longer to cross-off our list!

4. Mount Wall Sconces in Master Bedroom

Got it! We had a problem at first because they came with no on/off switches, but we also figured out a way to add switches to the sconces that we made a tutorial for here.

diy sconce light toggle switch

5. Master Closet Interior Door Frame

Check! We stained and put in the framing, however we have to still put some wood putty and stain over the places with nails.

6. Plan Master Closet’s Layout

Half-way done. We’ve drawn up our first draft of plans in 3D, and are still working out some more details for our 2.0 plans that you can read more about here.4 out of 6 ain’t bad, especially as finding THE sink was rather wishful thinking, hehe.As I’ve mentioned on Instagram and hinted again in this post, we have Summer projects lined up. Two biggie projects: Dining Room, Front & Back Porches.Subscribe to get updates as we delve into all the details of our plans, launch into the projects, and share how to do these renovations and restorations on your own home!

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