Big Changes Coming to Draven Made!

I’m going to get straight to it: things are changing here for the better on Draven Made, and I’m excited!

What kind of changes, you ask?
For starters, the name is changing. It’s been something I’ve been thinking over for more than a year, maybe even two: “Draven Made” just doesn’t fit. When I started this blog, I used it because “Draven” was a nickname of mine, and I was posting about things I was making. Simple. 
But try and explain the name of my blog verbally, and you would get puzzled looks and polite remarks about how to spell it. 
Not my best idea for a name. 
Add to that the fact we have shifted gears a bit with the content of this blog since moving into and restoring our old Foursquare fixer-upper, and it was becoming very clear that we needed a name change.
After probably no less than 2 months of off-and-on brainstorming with my hubby, we came up with the new name that is much better at describing this blog: “Living in a Fixer Upper”. Therefore don’t be surprised or thinking you’ve come to the wrong place when in the coming month or sooner you find yourself on Living in a Fixer Upper and not Draven Made, hehe.
I’ve also been wanting to move the blog to its own domain for more than 2 years as well. In fact I even bought a hosting service package and have had it for 2 years, but was stopped by several unsuccessful attempts at moving my blog over to WordPress. I feel a bit stupid for waiting so long to finally admit defeat and get the blog transferred to its own domain by a pro, but I’m very very very happy to announce that I’ve finally passed the reigns over to a great gal who will be transferring over everything for me so I don’t have to fear losing SEO and all that techie stuff.
[p.s. – Anybody else relate? Please say I’m not the only one puts off doing the smart thing of recognizing that there are some things done better by a pro when it comes to the tech side of blogging? I’m learning. We’re all learning. It’s all good.]

There’s a few more juicy things we’ve been working on in the background here that we want to get your opinions on, so if you aren’t already, be sure to drop your email for our newsletter if you’re interested in weighing in soon on some ideas for the future direction of this blog and content that will be of the greatest help to you all!

Some cool changes coming down the pipeline, right? I’m pumped, and I can’t wait to see y’all on the new site!

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