Master Closet Layout – First Look at Plans

We’re moving right along with our winter goals list and have been at work trying to figure out how to maximize the space available to us in our master closet (which used to be the spare “oom” – read more about the renovation here).

It’s a good-sized room and we have been using it for six months with some make-shift temporary closet rods and our dressers. I like using a room for awhile to get to know what it needs in order to serve you well.

During our six months of using the closet we have been able to narrow down a design, as well as what we need the room to have; we want to be sure it’ll be a functional space for us in many years to come. Here’s the priorities we need it to include space for:

– our clothes (duh)
– shoes
– my purses
– my scarves
– hats
– hooks to hang robes
– shelving for sweaters (shelves help lengthen the life of sweaters vs. hanging)
– suitcases/duffels
– extra blankets and sleeping bags
– jewelry
– ironing board that can be tucked away
– a full length mirror
– laundry hampers for whites and colors

That’s a lot of unique items! We also have to figure out how best to use the space when we have a floor radiator and two windows to build around. However, a bonus is a small existing closet that’s in the room that we can modify.

Karl is a whiz at 3D renderings of rooms, and has been busy at work trying to figure out how to incorporate all these things. Here’s a look at the first draft:

When you walk in from the master bedroom, my side of the closet is on the left, Karl’s the right.

We’re thinking of using the small existing closet for building shelving that would store our shoes and purses, and then laundry hamper baskets below.

The bench along the far left wall below the window would be a hinged top with storage underneath for extra blankets.

master closet plan

The drawers would be for socks, jeans, tshirts, etc., while the hanging rods would be for dress shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts. The upper cabinets above the drawers would hold shelving for sweaters, ties, and jewelry hooks. On the exposed side of the wardrobes would be large hooks for hanging our robes and/or an outfit for the next day. Suitcases would go in the cabinets above the rods.

master closet plan

I’m thinking we could tuck the ironing board into a place between the built-ins and have it slide out when in use, then slide back out of the way when not. We’re going to be researching what’s possible.

We are calling this a first draft because we still have to figure out how to lengthen the space to hang my long dresses and coats, a place for our hats and the ironing board. We also have a “dead space” between the windows that I want to put to good use. Maybe have hooks to hang hats?

master closet plan

It’s a good start! Besides working out the storage needs and ironing board, we’ll probably start designing the face of the drawers and cabinets a bit more in-depth too for the next draft so we have something to show the carpenter of our vision.

We’d LOVE your input for how to best use the space – goodness knows we’re behind on closet organization technology. Feel free to comment below!

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