Master Bedroom Renovation Challenge: [Stage 8] Floor Staining & A Quest for Wall Sconces

Catch up on the renovation progress! 

…When we last left our hero, Karl, he was floor-sanding the night away to finish before a deadline set by the floor stainers. Did he make it?

Yes. Barely. As in 3am, mere hours before having to return the sander at 7am and be home to receive the stainers at 8am. What a hero. :)

Being 8 months pregnant, I was staying a few days with my folks to avoid all the renovation dust and fumes and got the following pic and text from Karl mid-morning. It read, “which one?”

I replied #3.

He said good, because that was what the stainers were already using.

Ok then…Gotta say I sure am glad that Karl and I are pretty like-minded with colors and aesthetics!

The color on #3 is called Spice Brown, but Karl later told me that in the end they decided to do a half-n-half mix of #1 (called Golden Brown, same as our main floor stain) and #3.

Going back, y’all remember what the floors looked like that made us hit the panic button in the master bedroom when we took out the carpet:

…and after Karl sanded, took out the plywood, and scraped out car putty

Our master closet was much easier.

Here’s the result of Karl’s labors!

Amazing how great they look from before! (don’t give up on your floors!)

Very happy with how awesome the master closet also looks!

Huzzah for a non-splintery hall floor!

Note the difference between the non-finished stairs and the hall floor – so smooooth!

We used the same top-notch floor stain company and water-based stain as we did our main floor, so within 3 hours of the stain and finish being laid down we could walk on it in socks. Love it.

In the meantime Karl’s been busy putting the trim back, though there are areas such as where the old closet was and around the new door on the master-closet side that we have no trim available.

door trim we need to have reproduced on master-closet side

We’re in the middle of trying to find or make reproductions of the old baseboards and door trim, so that’s taking a bit of time. We do happen to live near Lancaster county though (Amish) and are looking into one particular wood-working shop we’ve heard good stuff about. Wish us luck!

We’re also putting the faceplates on the new electrical boxes and light switches, but we have a set of wires waiting for their wall sconces to finish completely.

Which reminds me…

If you remember back in the electrical stage when we installed fixtures to have wall sconces over our bedside tables I had posted pix of a few of the ones I was considering. They were all nice, however I was quickly finding that the average quality-looking wall sconce would mean hemorrhaging paying $75-150 for EACH. That was a tad bit too much for this thrifty chick to swallow.

Then recently I was killing time in Home Depot during the heatstroke time of the day (their store has A/C, our house does not) and found myself wandering around the lighting aisles. I saw a few wall sconces that I’d seen on the website and went up for a closer look.  Two of the lights definitely looked as cheap as their $17 price.

via Home Depot
via Home Depot


Then I saw another familiar light. Huh, not bad. In fact, I rather like it. Doesn’t look cheap in-person and has good reviews online…

via Home Depot – Hampton Bay 1-light Brushed Nickel Wall Sconce

But what’s the price?

Really? $30 each?!

I can do that!

Um…why can’t I find them on the shelf?

Inquiring with a HD employee, they found out for me that they were out of stock of them, and the next nearest store had only one in stock. Geh.

Going home I began a quest of looking up inventory at other area stores and found most either didn’t carry it anymore or had 1 left. Broadening my radius a bit more, I found a store an hour away that had…2 left! Huzzah!

I immediately did their “ship to store” and paid for them. They have confirmed they have them and now the sconces lie in wait for me until I can pick them up at that location. Lucky for me that I was planning to drive through that area this coming week for a little day trip with family!

Sadly it looks like they are perhaps phasing out this particular wall sconce, which is a shame because in my effort to track it down I saw it’d been reviewed on BHG’s website as a fave among designers for its look and price. So, if you’re in the market for wall sconces and like this particular one as well, I would say go nab it right now!

I can now soon present the “look” we’re going for with decor in the bedroom and master closet. We’re talking full-on mood board. ;) Subscribe to follow along as we get down to the home stretch!

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