Beautiful & Affordable “Restoration Hardware” Knockoff Antique Ceiling Lights

crystal ceiling light vestibule

Hi all! How’s Winter treating you? Getting projects done despite the cold? We got a head start on our Winter project goals by working to replace our two ugliest light fixtures – woohoo! However, the “look” of the lights we wanted as we shopped around online and in antique stores for beautiful reproduction or even authentic lights were, unsurprisingly, costly and well beyond our budget. Not to be defeated, I was able to recently find some amazing knockoff antique-looking lights for a fraction of the prices we were seeing elsewhere, and without compromising on quality!

Let’s start with the bay window light:

before: bay window light

It’s infamously referred to as the “circus light” for its jarring multicolor arrangement. The circus also reminds me of clowns, which I also dislike. Yup, this light and I were downright enemies.

Here’s what I was picturing replacing it with:

industrial ceiling pendant lamp edison bulb
This industrial pendant light shade with Edison bulb is from Restoration Hardware for $139. Not a price we had in mind to pay for a simple fixture that wasn’t the main lighting of the room.
Enter the Andante fixture on Wayfair, almost exactly the same, and guess the price…$40!!
adante pendant light fixture

I snatched that baby up, and now here it is! So much better than the circus!



The quality of the light fixture is pretty good too, so I’m pleased. Also, did you know they make LED Edison bulbs?! Neither did I until I came across them at Lowes! It’s supposed to last 9 years. Crazy.

Now we come to the vestibule with its bad track light. When I think “vestibule”, I’m thinking of it being an extension of the formal entryway, and hence needs a pretty light and something period-appropriate to the house.



A track light is neither of these by a long shot.

Here’s what I was going for with the overall look, once again from Restoration Hardware. Price…$675! Woah.

Once again I had luck with Wayfair. By the way, this was my first time ever buying from Wayfair. Is that weird? I feel a bit behind the times saying that. Well it’s proving its worth to me lately, because look what I found for $200:

It’s the Winchester 3-light semi-flush mount, and has real glass crystals and not fake plastic, which makes a big difference for longevity. I was pretty happy to find glass at this price point. However, if I must complain, it would be that some of the upper “brass” circle has a painted design and not actually embossed. Nor was any of it actual brass. Buuut you can’t really tell unless you’re up close… and it hangs from the ceiling, sooo…it passes a-ok.

winchester 3-light semi-flush mount crystal

And it’s purty.

…And my desire to spruce up the entryway and vestibule is even bigger now because such a pretty light deserves a pretty room to match. (new paint on walls, remove paint from door and then stain…) Come on, Spring!

Now we come at last to the installed bedside sconces! Woohoo!



If you look closely at this last picture, you can see a toggle switch on the bottom center. These sconces did not originally come with the toggles. Karl and I wanted to be able to turn them off and on from our bed, so we came up with these as a solution to being able to use the sconces we chose despite them not having a switch. Thus, we were able to get the sconces and the price we wanted!



Next post I’ll be showing where we found the switches and how we installed them onto the sconces. It’s pretty simple and a convenient add-on!

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