6 House Project Goals this Winter

We’ve officially decided to wait until Spring to finish sprucing-up our porch so that we can do everything necessary in one big push. Didn’t see that one coming, didja? (note: sarcasm). With that, we’re thinking ahead to the indoor projects we’d like to turn our attention to during this coming Winter. We’re trying to keep […]

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Jacked-Up Porch & Skirt Ideas

Two weekends ago our porch was “jacked up” in the most literal sense: both in its bad sinking and the jacks we used to support it when work was started to fix it. Karl and his Dad teamed up to jack our porch up and remove the crumbling footing and rotting wood from it all […]

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New Project: Our Sinking Porch

Hi all! Going by the title, you may be asking why we’re starting another project when you have yet to see the finished master bedroom and closet. You would be right to ask. We did finish the principal parts of the bedroom and managed to move ourselves into it a mere 3 weeks before baby […]

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