Update: How Our England Sofa Is Holding Up in 2016

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Since posting our review of our England sofa, it has become one of the most popular and still-discussed posts on this blog. The most common question I receive is how well our sofa is holding up with each passing year and if we still recommend England. Therefore, now that 3 years have passed since it arrived in our home, I felt a follow-up post is in order!

This was how our sofa looked the day it arrived:

How it looks today:

No difference whatsoever.

We have kept up with rotating our cushions every few months and have no issues with them sagging. Our armrests are also in tip-top form.

The sofa gets heavy daily use from Karl and I, but the only wear n’ tear that shows is some very minor pilling of the fabric in one spot on the cushion my husband used for a few months before we rotated them while wearing a heavy robe that apparently rubbed it a lot. But still, not very noticeable.

When friends use our sofa, we often get told how comfortable it is and asked where we got it, and that says a lot to me that we chose a good one.

We are more than happy with our choice still and recommend England furniture!

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  1. Sectional hunting. I go into a local store that caters to wealthy homeowners near beach. Guy is selling England sectional. Price is $2800. He tells me to find something I like online and he will match it. I find same sofa for $2400. This is the Malibu by the way. I search harder and find it for $1900 in some far off state. I then take that price…not to him for reasons I will not disclose…but to a dealer out in a small town in the country side. He matches it. And each piece…if I increase the fabric grade…it is $10 per piece. So it is $40 more each grade up. Ready to pull the trigger. But still concerned by online negative reviews. How can some have fantastic experience and others a terrible one? Have called the company to discuss. They don't give me much. I'm thinking that if cushions don't hold up, I will just replace.

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