The Promised Land! (Sofa!)

…and there was much rejoicing!!!!!  Amidst a snow squall, our furniture arrived this morning, an hour earlier than expected.  I was in our laundry room when it arrived – I happened to look outside and saw a huge truck backing up towards the room.  I flew out of there to greet them with a huge grin, lemme tell ya!

This is a post where pictures speak louder than words, so without further ado…..!

The “before” with our lawn furniture (and dining chair) that served us for 5 months in our time of wandering the wilderness:

Exhibit C: A Karl:

Eve of the sofa and chair’s arrival, the empty living room:

And now!

We’re so grateful to have nice cozy furniture again.  I love how this couch & chair set is exactly to the “T” what we were looking for (nail-head trim and all!), and a much better quality than the first one we had ordered.  It was a blessing in disguise that our initial couch deal turned sour.  We’re both very pleased with the workmanship of the pieces (England – american made!) – we’ll see how they stand the test of time!

First major purchase – check!  A big step towards starting to make the living room we envisioned! *does a little dance*

What do y’all think – should we have a “couch” party now that we can have y’all over without the BYOC advice?  ;-P

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