Slate Blue Martinsville Side Table

I’m baaaaaack! Boy oh boy it’s been awhile, eh? July turned into August way too fast, and now it’s already nearly the middle of the month! Dang I hate how fast summer flies by, don’t you? The commercials are finished and out, but I’ll have to save all the yummy behind-the-scenes scoop for another post. […]

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Island-Blue Patina Painted Side Tables

general finishes patina green

Oh my goodness, these side tables have fulfilled a wish of mine that I’ve had for months of wanting to go bold and bright with a color, so I could not turn down the opportunity when I had these small matching side tables in my possession! Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase […]

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Painted Glazed Low Hutch Makeover

Hi all! Today’s makeover was my mom’s low hutch (a.k.a. “credenza” to make it sound fancier) that she keeps in her dining room. It was stained a very red-ish-brown back-in-the-day, and she wanted to make it pretty again. Using glaze, it came back to life! Also in her dining room is a buffet table, and the […]

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Two-Tone Grey Secretary Desk

Hello, peeps! Welcome to another episode of “painting furniture for my mom“. ;-) This vintage secretary desk used to be my grandmother’s (or my Mommom as we called her) and now my mom has it in her guest room. The piece has something unique I haven’t seen before with secretary desks; open side shelving. In […]

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