Painting and House Hunting

Hullo! How y’all doing this fine Thursday? It’s been a weird week here with the much-dramatized winter storm turning out to be a dud, and then busy looking at houses (more on that later in the post).

Project-wise, bit-by-bit the low dresser that I started painting is coming along nicely! I’m using General Finishes “Coastal Blue” for the first time and it is so pretty! You can really play with the look you want with this color.

For example, here it is after one coat:

it’s like looking at the different hues one sees in ocean waves – so lovely!

Then two coats:

still some cool variance in color coming through

I wanted a nice and even-toned navy, so I’ve ended up doing 4 coats to get it looking how I want.

All that’s left is to do the top-coat, line the drawers with paper and finish the fixtures, so expect a full reveal next week! Wooo!

In other news with life, we heard back last week from the seller’s bank on the short sale we made an offer on (see bottom of post if you click the link)…and it wasn’t what we’d been hoping for. The bank came back asking $30k over what the seller had even listed the house for (yeah, we were a tad gob-smacked), so we had to walk away.

It was disappointing and a bit frustrating, but after 2 months of waiting for an answer, we finally had one and could move on (silver lining). For one reason or another it wasn’t the house meant for us, so we’re content knowing that “our house” is still somewhere out there. We just have to be patient and keep trusting God and that His timing is perfect. It’s times like this when we don’t always know why things happen or that test us that draw us closer, and that’s always a good place to be.

Heb 11:1

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