Master Bedroom Renovation Challenge: [Stage 5] Electrical & Drywall

Catch up on the renovation progress! 

Goodness, why does summer go so fast?! How can it be the beginning of July already?!

…and will we really get this master bedroom done before baby girl comes?

Progress has been steady though. If you’ve been following via Instagram, you’ve seen that as of last week we hit the drywall and mudding/sanding stage in the project (woooo!), and this week we’re into priming and painting!

Up until now we have been working off a list of things I haphazardly scrawled onto a piece of scrap paper that we need to do to finish the bedroom and the order in which to do them. However, this hasn’t been working for both getting things done on a tight timeline and meeting the demands of my OCD “must plan all the details” brain.

Therefore this past week I sat down and mapped out an actual calendar schedule and timeline of what needs to get done each week so that we have everything finished by Aug 8th.

Yup. Gone is the “done in 6 weeks” goal, but now we have a concrete schedule for each week that will ensure we’re still done in time. The things you learn while renovating, right?

I used Google calendar and shared it with Karl so that we’re both able to see it, and we went over it together to make sure it was feasible.

Karl was onboard with having the schedule as well to plan his week, especially as he responds better to anything on a screen vs. paper, hehe. With this schedule now as a guide, so far we’re making good progress.

The electrical got done last week; we’re rigging up outlets to go on either side of the bed, and a socket for wall scounces to flank either side of the bed over top of our nightstands. Here’s a setup similar to what we’re doing:

I’m still in the process of picking out the scounces – the only criteria is that they have an on/off switch on the lamp itself. Here’s a few of the ones I’m keeping tucked away as possibilities:

I’m not sure yet if I prefer the ones with swing arms or not…thoughts?

Two Fridays ago Karl and I got all our drywall supplies (date night at the hardware store ftw!), and last week Karl and his Dad hung the drywall!

For taping the seams we opted for this webbed tape – it’s sticky on the one side, taking out the step to mud the seams and then lay the tape over, then mud again. With this we could tape and get right to mudding.

For our mud/joint compound we got quick set that needs mixing but goes up nicely and drys fast without shrinking.

Karl’s Dad showed us how to mix it and get it to the correct consistency; you want it to be similar to cake icing with no lumps. Here’s a video of Karl mixing up a batch that shows the consistency you want:

You have to work fast because it dries fast, so be sure to only mix as much as you can trowel onto the wall in a 15-minute period. 

Looks so much better already! It’s really nice to have the room back to its original footprint without the added wall-to-wall closet taking up space.

Karl has since done a few rounds of mudding and then sanding smooth with the seams; letting the mudding dry each time takes awhile, but it fits well as Karl could do the next round each evening after work.

This past weekend priming and painting happened in the master, and this week we’re doing the same in the master closet. I’m aiming to do a post next week to show the newly painted rooms, and another with the mood board for the rooms.

As it turned out so well before in the living room with setting off the beautiful wood trim, we’re using BM’s Chantilly White from the Natura line again for both the bedroom and closet. The light color will also help make the bedroom look bigger, which will be a benefit as it is still a bit on the small side as far as master bedrooms go.

Can’t wait to share with y’all the progress as paint goes up! Be sure to follow on Instagram and/or subscribe to the newsletter to follow along!

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