Life is a Little Crazy

Hi all. I’ve been noticeably sparse with my posts lately, and it’s no small wonder. Life has been stockpiling on “crazy” and just dumped it all on us recently. Long story short, another failed house offer (our third), damaged finished furniture from a nasty gust of wind, and no car for a week were the bad kind of crazy. But a good crazy also fell out of nowhere and has had me, and will continue to have me very busy for a number of weeks. It’s an amazing film gig, and it’s very likely that both spare time and inspiration will not magically coincide for writing posts until after late-July.

So although that means that this blog will be on a short hiatus, I’m stoked to be on this project (if you don’t know already, filmmaking is my first love – just type “film” into this site’s search box and you’ll see what I mean, hehe). I’ll still be sharing what I’m doing both in life and on set on Instagram @dravenmade, so follow me there so I can continue to interact with y’all!

previous short film worked on

[Speaking of Instagram, go and check out my two latest thrift finds and custom-color painting project]

I hope all of you are having great summers so far – I’ll see y’all back here the end of July! :)

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