If I Have A Truck, Then I Love Estate Auctions

…and this is why I love them.

Because where else would you be able to get a nightstand like this…wait for it…

…for $0.50?!

Yeah.  FIFTY CENTS.  Even more incredible, and much to my woe, there was a ton of great wood furniture at this estate auction, and the majority of it went for prices like this or a dollar or two!

Why was this to my woe?

Because I did not have Scruffy the Truck with me, but my Mini.

Yeah, Scruffy’s battery died.  We knew it would happen sometime in the near future because the battery was 5+ years old, and it decided to die on us recently.

Thus, I had room for only one big item in my car.  I came to the auction with the intention of getting a nightstand, and I got one for a phenomenal price.  But the furniture I had to pass up made me silently bite my lip as each one was sold off for almost nothing.

Things like this amazing carved coffee table:

As soon as I saw it, it called to me.  Already I was picturing painting it a lovely coral or aqua color and staining the top when I bent down with my tape measure and…it was too long to fit my car.  By a mere few inches.

Guess how much this coffee table sold for…

Yup, you guessed it.  FIFTY CENTS.

*Cue sorrowful music and wringing of hands*

However, I did walk away paying for a nightstand using the loose change at the bottom of my purse.  And I did get a solid nightstand that I’m excited to paint and transform.  And I did not break my back hauling it by myself to my car.  Good stuff.

This will be Karl’s nightstand, replacing the current tv table he’s been using up until now.  Can’t wait to get it finished for him!  Now to narrow down colors…

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