9 Ideas for that Blank Wall Behind the Sofa

It seems to always be a conundrum, myself included, for what to do with the huge and blank wall behind your sofa. Do you try a gallery wall? Shelves?

In other words, what would make a statement?

As usual, Pinterest is the magic genie resource for ideas and inspiration, so I’ve pulled together a collection that will hopefully get your gears turning and give you some direction on what you’d like to do.

Because really, empty walls look so lonely.

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– Gallery Wall –

A gallery wall can be framed art, mirrors, word art, or a mix of all three. Anything goes, but do spend time to get it right. If you’d like to learn a way I’ve found for making a gallery art wall look good, check out my tutorial here.

wall art blank wall decor

– Large Art –

This is an easy fix and can be quite inexpensive as well if you keep an eye out on craigslist, thrift stores, yardsales, Facebook yardsale groups, and auctions. We found our large art piece for over the sofa at a yardsale for a whoppin’ $1, and it adequately fills up the once-blank space.

Tip: If you rent, this is definitely a way to go as you only need 1-2 nail holes or Command hanging strips.

via Pottery Barn
large framed leftover wallpaper art

Go big or go home. ;)

– Eclectic –

You don’t need frames and pictures to make art. Get creative and use items usually found at flea markets and craigslist, such as old windows, shutters, doors, china plates, wooden paddles, skiis…you name it!

via Apartment Therapy

– Shelves –

Shelves help break up the walls and allow you to use framed art, mirrors, potted plants, wood art, figurines, etc. – Basically you have the freedom to use what you have and create multiple eye-catching interest on the wall.

– Bookshelves –

If there’s one thing we’re always lacking, it’s more bookshelves. To me, they always seem to add an instant coziness and interest to a room, especially when they are floor-to-ceiling. The beauty-part is that you don’t have to fill them only with books, but other pieces of art can pop up on the shelves.

via Horchow
photo via Jamie Beck Ann Street Studio

– Mural –

For a big impact, consider painting or wallpapering a full-wall mural.

via thewallstickercompany

– Wallpaper –

Wallpapering just one wall and making it your focal point in the room can add instant charm and drama. It can also create the feeling of height and space with floor to ceiling vertical stripes, trees or vines. It’s also an artwork all of its own, leaving no need for hanging wall art.

via Kate Hughes

– Board & Batten –

There’s lots of different styles for board and batten walls, but all are symmetrical. You can go half-wall, 3 quarters, or floor-to-ceiling. With so many options, you can have a lot of room to play around with what you think would look best for your room.

via Apartment Therapy
via 4inspireddesign
obviously not with a sofa, but I just love this full-wall board and batten design
– Mix It Up –

You don’t need to stick to one thing or another when decorating. Feel free to use multiple ideas together that work in harmony.

framed art gallery wall and mirror
board and batten, mirror, and wall lamps
wallpaper focal wall, shelves with interest pieces, framed wall art – via villa tretton
bookshelves boxing in the sofa (anchoring it), large art, wall lamps – via design crisis

Which of these inspired you most? I know I love the bookshelves, board and batten, and mirrors, but now I’m also eyeing the wallpaper idea…hmm…

Have any clever ideas to add?
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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for putting them all in one place. The couch area can be so hard. Right now our house is just a big open space so none of our couches are against a wall. But I have some great ideas for when they are.

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