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I decided to treat myself today and go to one of my favorite places for home decor and get inspired: Home Goods.  They’re a bit on the pricey side with some things, but they have some relatively unique things for decorating, and there’s always something there that catches my eye.  Today was quite an exception when I kept finding item after item that I really liked.  Seriously, if I’d had several hundred dollars at my disposal, I’d have gone nuts today!

Unfortunately, reality prevented me from going on a spending spree, but I thought I’d share some of the highlights of finds I was pining after for the living room.

First up, a 2-toned cushioned low bench with nail trim:

I can’t remember what the price was (sorry! $70-something?).  I can picture getting two of these and storing them under a coffee table to be pulled out for extra seating when company is over, or for sitting around the coffee table with a good board game.  It also made me think of a how-to I recently found for making a tufted  ottoman from a coffee table.  I could easily make this piece of furniture myself, or find 2 stools on craigslist and cover them in a burlap-type fabric….I’ll be putting this potential project on the shelf for now, but it is something I’ll be keeping an eye out for doing in the future.  :)

Next up while on the subject of coffee tables, I saw this wooden tray and loved the checker-board going on with it!

This was on sale from $30-something to now $22 – still too much for a simple tray.  But this is another project that I could very easily make myself on a shoe-string budget.  Another one to tack up for the future.

I’ve found myself having a particular interest in art depicting old planes ever since I found this pic of my ideal living room from the post about how Karl and I were trying to mesh our two styles.

So naturally this metal plane propeller drew my eyes like a magnet as soon as it came into view.  It was a fair price at $30, and I was fixated on it for awhile; even circled the whole store and came back around to consider it some more (I think the propeller started to feel a bit awkward at the attention).

In the end I did walk away from it (que this music while doing the charlie brown walk), but I may go back for it if the budget allows at the end of the month!

Karl and I both love industrial-styled (and slightly steampunk) accessories, and this fan was pretty cool in my book.  However, I didn’t want to pay $20 for a non-functioning fan.  At least this one from Joss&Main has a clock on it. (really wanted it too, but alas, the dratted budget likes to get in the way a lot, heh).  Pass.

Remember when I mentioned my current fixation on airplanes?  Well, truth is I’ve always had a soft spot for the classics, especially when they speak of travel and adventure.  Stumbling across these wooden boxes made to look like books and hat boxes, I was REALLY tempted to get at least one of them.  I had one in my hand, then even my cart for a bit.  With further inspection of them though, I realized that I could get these type of fake wooden boxes I’ve seen at AC Moore, get out my modpodge, and decoupage a printout of similar pictures I can find on google…..so, I again have a project in mind.  :)

I DID buy two things.  One was a sturdy reed basket on clearance for a whopping $5!  I have already added it to the bathroom’s deep-set windowsill with rolled towels in it, freeing up some much-needed closet space for us as well.

Second was the biggest purchase ($50), but I had the help of a giftcard from Xmas.  I’m still kind of road-testing this rug (the pix of it are from in the office).  I really like the colors it lends…time will tell.  I’m up for opinions.  :)

Anyone else have a Home Goods near them?  Find anything awesome lately?  (or had to force yourself to walk away from?)

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