Gold-Dipped Side Table – Found it a Friend

Yikes. It’s been crazier than usual this week: holidays, painting some new furniture, trying to buy a house…

Oh yeah. I guess I haven’t told y’all.

But first, more on the table.  A gal who is in the process of furnishing her apartment saw and loved the gold-dipped side table I did, and requested if I could make her a matching set.

As fate would have it, I had recently seen just such a table on craigslist and immediately contacted the seller. She still had it and I came the next day with cash in-hand and excited to have lucked out so well! Here’s the lil’ darling:

The table was in rough shape, and I’ve been working on it and several other projects this week. I sprayed it gold when we had some slightly warmer temps yesterday, and it’s now sitting in my laundry room to set and dry. From my last inspection of it tonight, it’s looking good and I’ll be able to do the fun part of taking the tape off to reveal the finished look tomorrow!

Annnnd….back to the house now.

Yup, we made an offer on a house!

Better yet, the seller accepted!

Buuut there’s a catch: it’s a short sale. Which has a process that is anything but short. The seller’s bank still needs to give its approval on our offer, and that can take months.

Going into this we knew that we would be waiting awhile and are ok with it as we don’t have a deadline to move by or be out of our rental by (really makes it so much easier!).

We are now one month-in with waiting to hear back from the seller’s bank. If they accept our offer we can move ahead with inspection. It’s likely we’ll be waiting another month or two before we hear anything, which is kind of why I waited as long as I did to say anything about it here, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for good news!

Silver lining: in the meantime it gives us the chance to really shop around for a loan and get a good deal; that process has been taking up a lot of time but it’ll hopefully be worth it if we save money in the end. We’ll keep you guys updated!

P.S. – Any tips or advice for buying a home, please leave them in the comments! I’d really love to learn from your experiences!

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