Entryway Gets a $35 Antique Glass Pendant Light

If you’re following along on Instagram you know some other exciting news is that in one evening last week we were able to knock out a project from start to finish: our entryway light!

 Goodness, do you know how good it feels to get a project done in one evening?! With so many large home projects to tackle, I’m appreciating all the more the smaller to-do’s we can start and finish in one evening. 

I found this antique glass amber pendant light at a shop for $35 almost 2 years ago when we were beginning our house hunting. Back then I joked with Karl that we just needed to find a house that matched the pendant. Amazing that we found a home that not only fits it, but has it hanging in the foyer as a special memento to our journey finding this home.

p.s. – with the light now installed, it’s also nice to be able to see that last stair tread we seem to often miss in the dark! ;)

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