Dining Room: How To Prep A Room Before Painting (Pt 3)

We’ve certainly been delayed, but at last we are rolling up our sleeves and getting down to business with a makeover to the purple dining room!
We were debating colors this past spring, and then learned from the landlord we had to stick to lighter colors….and then summer hit and we got too busy to bother.
However, over the summer we did get the ‘ok’ on a color we found, and now with temperatures being as lovely as they are (70’s), it’s the perfect time to go for it! 
Here’s what we’ve done to prep so far:
Monday night: 
– moved all decorations from the dining room into the living room
– removed the nails and screws left-over from the former occupants
– filled the holes from the screws with paint-able culk
Stuck Frog tape all over the edges for the baseboards, door frames, and window
checking out our work in the morning light
Tuesday Night:
Unscrewed all the electrical socket and lightswitch faceplates from the walls and taped over them.
Sanded the now-dry culk until it was smooth with the wall & moved the dining table and chairs into the living room.
Decided to also tape the archways, just to be safe
Spread tarps onto the floor
Wednesday – we’re priming!  When it comes time, I’ll reveal the paint color once we pop the lid!

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