Couch #2! (Starting Over)

Who would have known that buying a couch would be all drama drama drama?

If you’re just tuning in, back at this post in November we’d decided, after visiting a literal dozen furniture stores, to buy this couch:

Klaussner’s “Seraphina”

We were told 4 weeks until the couch would arrive. We excitedly waited, dreaming of a nice soft couch to sit in while we sat in our lawn chairs in the living room.

Fast forward to well over two months later (end of December).  We had called a few times for updates about the couch, and were last told it was shipping on the 19th and should arrive around Christmas.  When that didn’t happen, and then New Year’s came and went without any word, we decided it was time to lay down some law.  We wrote a succinct but respectful email to our sales-lady, detailing our frustrations and the failure to fulfill our order.

The lady who sold us the couch responded and insisted that Klaussner kept changing the shipping date on her for our couch and several other customer’s orders.  Whether or not this was true, at the least the inconsistencies we’d been experiencing made us wary; with the economy the way it is right now, it could even be a sign that the company was going under for all we knew.

She also wrote to say she had received confirmation from Klaussner that the final delivery date would be January 25th, and offered us free delivery and $100 extra off of the couch if we “stuck it out”.

It was a tempting offer, to be sure.  However, after getting some opinions from family that could be summed up as “get your money back and get out of there”, and Karl and I already being dubious in our trust of both the sales-lady and/or the Klaussner company, we decided to ask her for a full refund.  Thankfully, she complied without trouble and we were able to breathe a sigh of relief at having that ordeal over with.

That relief didn’t last long, as we’d already realized we were now starting at square-one again in our search for a couch.

*insert groan*

So, I began a new search online and started filling my pinterest full of couches we liked, then called a bunch of stores that were listed as retailers for my pinned brands to find if they had the couch in their showroom for us to try out.

None of them carried what we were looking for.

Then I was referred to a newspaper ad for a furniture store holding a sale.  Digging a bit more, I found out from a few people I knew that they recommended them.  Still a bit wary of furniture sellers, I went there on a whim, not expecting much.  I went straight to their advertised “on sale” room, and found nothing there.  I was about to walk out of the store when the girl that had initially greeted me at the door asked what I was looking for.  For a split second my first reaction was to just thank her and say it was “ok” and leave, but dang I’m glad I decided to instead answer her question.  She led me to their upstairs showroom and let me explore.  Turning a corner, my eyes rested on a sectional that. was. exactly. what we had been looking for (and had given up on finding and thus why we went with the Klaussner).

England’s “Telisa”

Cream colored, nail-head trim, exposed wooden legs – it was all there.  *que angel choir*  Oh but wait – was it comfy?

Oooh yeah it was.

Was the price good?

It was more than the Klaussner, but you could also tell that this sofa was better made.  Hmmm.

When I asked the sales-girl more about it, she said that the sectional (and sofa version if we wanted that instead) were actually on sale, and when she gave me the final price, it wasn’t much more than the Klaussner.  Score.

She went on to say they had a brand-new sectional just like the one in the showroom there in their warehouse, but if we wanted the sofa, it’d be 4-6 weeks.

My thoughts: “Oh really?  I could have the sectional in our house in a matter of a day or two, versus another 4-6 weeks?  Well then heck,  maybe sectionals are the way to go!”

I don’t think I was back inside our house more than a few seconds before I cornered Karl and gushed about the sofa I’d found.  We decided to go to the store for him to see and try out the sectional in-person this past weekend, and to my glee he liked it as well.

Buuut, we didn’t go with the sectional – the sofa still won in the end.  Between the time I’d stumbled across the sectional and the few days before we went back to the store, we had some time to think and measure things out in the living room.  By the time we went to the store again, we were both in agreement that we still wanted a sofa, so we hunkered down and decided we could wait a little while longer.

Oh, and did I mention we also sprung for a matching chair?  It was on sale too, so now we have a set on its way!

Because of England’s reputation to get their orders out relatively fast, I’m double-crossing my fingers and toes that it’s true and we get the furniture within 4 weeks (and we can send the lawn furniture back to whence it came!).

So, we found and ordered a new sofa and chair just one week after we got our refund (and all before our Klaussner couch would have even been shipped!).  Not bad for a second round.  :)  Let’s hope things go more smoothly this time!

Update: The couch has arrived! See how fast it shipped and our first impressions here.

Next up: Because of the sofa delays over the last few months, I’ve also had plenty of time to muse over my first mood board for the living room, and I’ve been making a few small changes.  Will share details in the next post!  :)   [Update: Go and see the new mood board for the living room here.]

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  1. My husband and I just looked at this couch today and we love it! How are you finding the quality? How is the fabric? We are considered the light color might be too stain-happy for us…would love any feedback! – Chelsea

    1. Hi Chelsea! We still love this couch! It has held up very well to our constant use. As for the fear of the light color because of stains or dirt, it is true that we are extra careful around it, but at the same time we've already experienced awesome customer service from England Furniture – I wrote a follow-up about a smudge on our couch and how wonderfully England handled it for us (see entry here: So, if you do spill something, rest assured that they will come to your rescue. :) Let me know if you're curious about anything else with the sofa or company. I'm sure though that you'll be really happy with it!

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