6 House Project Goals this Winter

winter house project goals

We’ve officially decided to wait until Spring to finish sprucing-up our porch so that we can do everything necessary in one big push. Didn’t see that one coming, didja? (note: sarcasm). With that, we’re thinking ahead to the indoor projects we’d like to turn our attention to during this coming winter. We’re trying to keep […]

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New Project: Our Sinking Front Porch

Going by the title of this post reading “front porch” and not “master bedroom”, you may be asking why we’re starting another project when you have yet to see the finished master bedroom and closet. You would be right to ask. We did finish the principal parts of the bedroom and managed to move ourselves […]

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Simple Ideas for a Cozy Fall Decor Living Room

Can you believe it, folks?! Fall (and Fall decor) is officially upon us!…which I’m excited about because it is hands-down my favorite season! Fall has the perfect-temperature weather, blue skies, colorful leaves, lots of Autumn festivals (and auctions, hehe)…not to mention my birthday is in the Fall! ;) Just as we’re trading our blouses for […]

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